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How to use video inspection

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Today remote visual inspection is becoming more and more popular throughout the world. But sometimes technicians hesitate to use inspection camera because they are not sure if they need any special training or skills to work with a borescope. However inspections with such devices in the most of cases do not require any special knowledge or skills. There are some simple rules to follow.
First of all it is necessary to determine the length and diameter of insertion probe. Then you have to choose between a rigid and a flexible insertion rod. If you need further documentation, you would need an inspection camera with a special monitor hub and recording ability.
We are introducing one wireless inspection borescope with two way articulating probe. This borescope has the three parts as monitor, handle and snake tube camera.
3.5 inch detachable wireless TFT LCD screen
Dual color antiskid TPR coated handle
Detachable snake tube camera with two way articulating probe
First you need to connect the monitor with handle and also the snake tube camera. Then turn on the monitor by pressing about 2 seconds, then turn on the handle also by pressing the on/off switch about 2 seconds, now you need to adjust the snake tube camera as the borescope is effective in certain focus distance(30-80mm), for inspecting dark corner or dead space, you need to turn on the LED light by press the rubber button on the handle, usually it has several brightness can be adjusted for different applications. For QBH AV7812, we have 6 different brightness option. For some special application we need not only to check the forward, but we need to check the side, downward, upward, etc every direction, in this way we need an articulating probe, we have a control switch on one side of the snake tube camera with angle identifying. Also we have a 360 degree rotating structure on the connecting part of handle and snake tube camera. Together with this structure and the articulating probe we can realize the inspection of most direction.

Video inspection borescope is must-have tool in many application such as

1 car: used to check engine, hydraulic parts, nozzle parts quality inspection and assembly.
2, industrial machinery, is used to check the mechanical equipment and manufacturing equipment, surplus material inspection. Check the foreign body, intracavitary residual fragments, additional materials.
3, petrochemical, pipeline process configuration, pressure vessels and other equipment.
4, electronics, electrical engineering: check the mechanical action. Parts inspection and research and development.
5, aviation, aerospace, used for turbine blade regular inspection or examination, as well as the rocket engine research and development, manufacturing.
6, steel: in addition to equipment repair and maintenance, and to detect the quality of products for the pipeline.
7, railway, ship, used to check engine, the pipeline detection.
8, construction, steel tube used to examine the corrosion and fouling, wall and other internal diagnosis, steel rust, bridge expansion joint cracking, etc., can also be used for tunnel lumen, observation of building model.
9, water pipe and check the corrosion and the diagnosis of blocking drains.
10, electricity: used in nuclear power, fire, water stations of various pipelines, turbines and other inspection and maintenance.
11, archaeological tomb, carries on the preliminary investigation, the industry in archaeology, it plays a vital role.
  In a word, you can master the operation process by doing more practices even though you are not professionals, many DIYers can also try to operate the video inspection tool so that when you want to check what’s wrong with your car you can find it by yourself and you will be proud of yourself!

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