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How to Identify the Authenticity of the Videoscope camera and videoscope inspection

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As the videoscope on the market now too much, regardless of appearance or other aspects look almost the same, so consumers at the time of purchase, we must pay attention to distinguish between the good and bad videoscopes, or suffer or suffer themselves. Here's how to tell the authenticity of the endoscope.
First, the camera clarity Fake and shoddy endoscopes are generally only dare to test in the light of strong environment, not in dark places to use.
Second, the probe waterproof Fake and shoddy videoscopes are not waterproof, the probe will become unclear, the video will be blurred; and really endoscopic with a waterproof effect, even in the water, the probe will not be affected, the video is still clear.
Third, the probe oil Genuine videoscope with anti-oil function. Do not do oil-proof endoscope, will encounter oil damage.
Fourth, turn Internal structure of the videoscope is more complex, requires a full range of rotation check, fake and shoddy endoscopes generally do not have this feature, or else is not smooth rotation.
Fifth, camera protection The camera is the core of the endoscope. Genuine endoscopic camera is made of high-grade titanium alloy, while the fake endoscopic camera is made of iron material package, easy to damage.
Sixth, endoscopic pipeline materials Fake and shoddy endoscopes generally use wire or bicycle brake pipe to assemble, this pipe material easily broken, rusty, damaged. The genuine videoscope tube is full of materials with stainless steel or more high-grade tungsten material.
Seventh, the battery Fake videoscope is in purpose of saving costs, with easy to leak, explosive lithium iron batteries, and genuine endoscopic polymer high-capacity battery, long working hours and safe.
Eighth, system Fake videoscope consumer system, more failures and instability, the impact of environmental interference is great; regular endoscopes are used industrial-grade embedded systems, regardless of the environment more harsh, can successfully complete the task.
Ninth, after-sales service Fake and shoddy videoscope is a one-time consumption, or useless long-term failure, not only a waste of financial and material resources, while prolonging maintenance time; and choose genuine endoscopes more secure after-sales, and save time.
 QBH videoscopes use the world's leading manual lever technology to achieve 360-degree endoscopic probe without any corner of the rotation function, in any case it can be tested for complex situations. And the product itself uses oil-resistant waterproof design, so whether it is underwater, pipelines or more difficult detection environment can reflect the excellence of its detection capabilities.
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