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How to use Inspection Camera for Iphone

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mini flexible Inspection camera for iphone is a portable, handheld, multi-function surveillance / inspection camera system equipped with a powerful wireless module that provides a stable WiFi connection system. Users can view videos on an iPod, iPhone or iPad device and can take pictures (JPG) or video (MP4).
After the app is installed on the IOS device, the user can use the Apple mobile phone endoscope to view hard-to-reach places such as pipes, mechanical equipment, and vehicle maintenance that need to be checked in the slits.
Inspection camera for iphone is compact, easy to carry, through the end product wireless WiFi signal sent, you can quickly connect to the smart phone terminal. Users through the application, you can party
Just check the video screen, camera, video and so on.
Inspection Camera for Iphone 
The application is simple with user-friendly interface, users have not tried before this section of the application can also be easy to use.
Take the “QBH Inspection Camera for Iphone” as an example in the following. Its product design smart, feel comfortable, easy to carry. Its front end can be equipped with two sizes of snake-mirror size: 5.5MM or 9.0MM, and the snake mirror with 6 LED lights, there can be a light control rotary switch control, very bright. It has a 650MM long semi-rigid snake pipe and 450MM cable can also be customized as needed. It has 300,000 or 450,000 lens pixels. Equipped with adjustable phone buckle, 360-degree rotation, and can be freely disassembled. The specific operation is as follows:
1. Open the APP STORE
2. Search for "WIFI ENDOSCOPE"  
3. Find the following APP, the owner is Wei huang, download.
4. Open the phone WIFI connection settings, find WIFI Endoscope, enter the password.
5. "√" is displayed to indicate success
6. Connect snake mirror with the host, open already installed on the phone ENDOSCOPE, you can succeed.
7. Open if you see the picture as shown, said the connection is successful.


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