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phone inspection camera

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Phone inspection camera is a snake camera function with a smart phone or tablet sometimes. Its is a new product with recently development of borescope technology, and the smart phone widely use. Usually there are two kind phone inspection cameras. And these two are very popular with todays inspecting tools markets.
phone inspection camera
 The directly connected phone inspection camera with a snake camera, this style is very simple and with low price in the market, you can buy it in some online trading store or buy it in tools store. It camera head usually connected with cable, and not very long from the lens to its usb connect. Its lens diameter usually is not very big, as it supposed to be light and convenient for an operator to use. this kind inspection tools can be used in not only industrial field but also can be used as a DIY tool.
 Another style is that one no need any cable to connect a phone, it is wireless. More precisely it based on wifi model, which can has its one wifi generator, it can support digital signal transferring from the camera head and the connected phone. With the wifi function, it can support different smart phone or tablet take photos and record videos at the sometime. Wifi borescope inspection is much helpful for people to show the inspected spot and it allows other people to take part in the viewing and analysis job, which is more popular with tools markets. WIFI inspection camera allows a long distance inspection as well, which create a lot of opportunity for widely application.
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