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Proper use of borescope

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Precautions of Borescope

The role of borescope in industrial production can not be ignored. What’s more, it is used to control the quality of the product manufacturing process, and develop into a routine test method. In non-destructive testing applications, borescope are also indispensable instruments. They can detect and measure the unreachable positions of people and greatly improve the working efficiency of people. The application of borescope is more extensive, so how to use borescope safely?
Summarized a few points

1.Bein strict accordance with the operating manual and instructions for normalization
2 Be away from non-flammable, explosive environment
3. Avoid to use it in some areas that may touch wires or charged objects
4. Reduce to use it in environments that exceed the temperature and humidity of use
5. The operator must work through the factory professional and technical training
The above content is the use of borescope. A nondestructive testing camera need to be used as a testing tool, in order to meet complexindustrial environment, professional design and production. With the development of endoscope manufacturing technology,endoscope gradually become a detection technologyin recent years.
How to use Borescope safely

First of all, we have to choose from the following characteristics of several factors:

    1. Check the path to location of a situation: the path mainly refers to the detected object is a trend,curve or linear, if it is curved to reach the bottom, then choose shapable borescope. If it is linear , then it can be a rigid borescope.
    2. Check the diameter of the object size: Before testing, we have to investigate the size of the object diameter, and then select the size of the probe, these things need to cooperate with each other.
    3. Check the depth of the object: Among the tests we have to work out the length and depth of the object being detected to select the length of the corresponding length, the general winding length range from 20 to 60m.
    4. Check the size of the object contour: Defect profile including the entire damaged subject, deformation, foreign matter accumulation, whichhelp to determine theimportant basis of internal inspection angle and brightness of the light source , If the object is too long, these parts may not be on the same plane, so there must be sufficient focus adjusting function on the borescope.

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