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rigid endoscope inspection camera

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Rigid endoscope inspection camera is to sort one kind of inspection camera, its main feature is the camera tube, which is made of rigid materials,it mostly can be a steel tube, sometimes it can be a plastic. it is not for bending or flexible operation, it is just one straight tube inserted with camera lens, and there are different rigid tube sizes to hold different camera lens, according to its certain usage.
 rigid endoscope inspection camera is used in animal throat health condition checking, for this kind of application, this inspection camera is commonly used to see a horse teeth, and it is usually with a side view lens at the inspecting end of such camera,because this kind of design is convenient for people to see what is going with it in side the mouth of a sick horse

rigid endoscope inspection camera

rigid endoscope inspection camera is use
d in underwater feeding fish inspecting,for this kind of use, it is more often seen in a cultivation base. As now more and more commercial cultivation base launched for its great profit potential. Fish cultivation is also with great profit over there, it is low cost but great feedback of pay back. The most important part of its feeding process is to take good care of the health and avoid pollution of water, using rigid endoscope inspection camera to keep check is necessary.

 Rigid endoscope inspection camera is used in house condition check, for this use more commonly operated in many western countries, as houses there are more favorable build by wooden structure, to be more eco friendly and more comfortable, but white ants are danger for such kind of houses. Using a inspection camera to check is important to keep a wall stead. Whats more a such inspecting tool also important in check creak condition of a large building or bridge, to keep it standing over there, for people live safely.
For more borescope endoscope applications, welcome to let us messages and discussion, thanks.

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