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What is Sewer Inspection camera?

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Sewer inspection camera is the use of a new type of testing equipment for non-destructive testing in drains. Every summer, there are always many reports of waterlogging in "certain" cities. Often, three consecutive days of heavy rains can sink some cities into waterlogging embarrassment. The city fell in succession in front of heavy rain, small rain submerged, heavy flooding, "Venice of the East" staged frequently, and with the application of sewer inspection camera, can effectively solve this problem. Except for unusual climatic reasons, what we should do more is to take measures against the vulnerable underground drainage system. In the event of an urban waterlogging, the much-criticized drainage pipe that flooded every rainy day became the culprit of urban floods.

 What is Sewer Inspection camera

Drainage pipe deep underground, in the event of poor drainage, pipe maintenance staff often have to excavate a large area of the road and find the location and cause of congestion. Criss-crossing underground drainage pipe, when problems arise it is extremely difficult to find leaks. Now the introduction of sewer inspection camera technology testing, not only eliminates the need for manual excavation of the road and cause inconvenience, and traffic flow and flow of people on the road to complete sewer detection and maintenance. Sewer endoscope can not only see the inside of the pipeline is unobstructed, at the same time be able to find the specific cause of the unreasonable pipeline and the specific location.
Sewer inspection camera as a non-destructive testing tool for a class, plays an important role in pipeline inspection. Whether it is caused by pipeline fragmentation or sediment build-up, whether the blockage site is in a pipe or a rainwater well, the sewer endoscope can minimize the road excavation range. Sewer inspection camera really makes the city drainage and emergency maintenance of the rain drain more convenient!

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