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Snake camera for engine NDT(Non Destructive Testing)

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A snake camera is consisted mainly with two parts: snake tube with lens to capture picture, monitor designed to control the lens working. Such kind of inspection cameras are very common to be seen in automotive aftermarket,especially in a auto repair and maintenance tool market, it is one kind of borescopes tool,which is widely used as a visual tool to see the dark and hidden position.

Recent years, there are more and more possibility to see inspection camera in an auto repair and maintenance station.they use it to record videos or take pictures of a inside space,such as a car engine,a tank or some where of this sort. It does a great job, with such kind of videoscope, technicians only need to penetrate its snake tube via a hole of the engine or some where like it.

When technicians do the job for a engine, in the past without borescope inspection help, they need to detach the engine to check one by one of its inside components to find out the damaged part,the carbon deposition condition or even a trachoma. It takes a mount of time to do the detach and assemble job, also such kind of frequently operation is no good for engine life time lasting.

A combine of snake tube and a borescope camera,it is not only a simple connect,but also helpful to realize many things. For example, as talked above, the engine detection, with such tool, it easily to get engine inside environment captured and display on its monitor for technicians viewing and judging,and then decide to or not to detach the whole or its parts. Inspection camera just takes the most important and high efficiency part in the repair and maintenance work.

Based on a video inspection camera,when we do the job to an engine or an airconditioning system,they no longer need to spend much time to take most screw off and then tighten it in. One just need to pull off or release a switch of a pipe, then the next job will be the pipe inspection tools part, it is very easy to realize and cost effective. That is also we call the way of NDT.

China is a great manufacturing country, there are a lot of great manufacturer with high quality,one of which is named QBH,which located in the south of China in Shenzhen, it is a High-tech company, and produce many kinds of videoscopes,it is also the source Manufacturer of China Borescope Snake Camera & Worldwide Supplier,with great experience and technology of this field.

If you want to know more about such items, industrial knowledge and general price of such kind of tools,just go their web: www.borescope-camera.com and then email their customer service, you will be welcome in any time,especially in working hours.

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