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The causes of borescope checking results

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 With the rapid development of China's industrial, every industry needs confidence level and accuracy of detection data to make a conclusion for the check results. In this way, measurement technology is also in rapid development. During the course of the scientific experiment and production practice, it must be accurately measured when get quantitative characterization and the characteristics of special object information.
In addition, the guarantee of test results are affected by other several reasons, including inspectors, borescope equipment, check the object and the work environment. Among them, the detection of the most key equipment room is that endoscopy technology plays a more important role.
 Firstly,the inspectors shall have the right vision, and pass by with the work comply with the standards of training and certification. Inspectors should be able to skillfully operate borescope equipment, choose appropriate instruments, tools and methods; Be familiar with the maintenance, the provisions of the nondestructive testing related chapters in this manual and other relevant technical documents of content; Be familiar with engine structure; Familiar with defect types, characteristics and can accurately assess defect.
 Secondly,The result of the measurement error caused by system error and random error. System error is due to the measuring instrument and method being not completely eliminated, but can through reasonable measures to reduce to a minimum. First choose an borescope measurement system of high precision, and try to take the measurement model of small errors. Specific operation, as much as possible to get the best observation position, clear image, the greater the magnification, the system error is smaller. In order to ensure the magnification is in a state of satisfies the requirement of measurement, image magnification alarm display in the shadows and three-dimensional measurement system. It can prompt the operator when the INDEX value is less than 5, image measurement is taken by cannot ensure measurement accuracy, needs to be taken. The method to avoid human error caused by the error is very effective.
Thirdly, the factors of object check must be taken into account comprehensively to choose the proper equipment and methods. Consequently, to some extent, endoscopy tool determines the accuracy of the test results in large, so it is very necessary to choose sophisticated borescope as measuring tools.
  Fourthly, the condition of borescope equipment performance and decide to check out the ability and its effect. Borescope equipment should be available in a good situation,measurement system should be in accordance with regulations of the operating manual for error calibration method and time. And for a long time, borescope is mainly used to observe, so in choosing borescope, are used to choose small diameter, portable light, strong interchangeability, borescope imaging is clear, with the development of computer technology, borescope should be combined with the computer. A new borescope imaging display system with storage, measurement function, low maintenance cost.
Fifthly, working environment should be as far as possible make the inspectors convenient, comfortable, not easy fatigue, and conform to the requirements of the instrument operation manual of the instrument working environment, prevent misjudgment caused by fatigue or environmental factors test result or damage to the instrument. For measuring system, consider measurement error.
 Finally,  endoscopy is by means of special photoelectric instrument (TC8000 - video recorded with borescope) to the naked eye cannot directly close inspection area, belongs to the visual inspection method of nondestructive testing (RVI).Virtual endoscopy combined with TC and three-dimensional borescope technique, after considering the human eye binocular imaging principle, a new type of 3 d three-dimensional borescope and double lens measurement technology, can try to ensure image deformation situation down large image, so the borescope image display and processing high demands are put forward.
 Different from the traditional optical or comparison method of processing technology, borescope detection technology, in general, is to get accurate data and accurate test results, which is one of essential equipment. With the technical production of borescope and continuous improvement of the measure precision, it can help inspectors work for long hours in a safe, comfortable condition as well as save some unnecessary cost. Therefore, the working of experimental personnel,inspectors and the scientific and technical workers can reduce the error, making more accurate measurement results.

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