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The function of borescope endoscope

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What used to directly observe organs internal cavity of the device is called endoscope. endoscope can be used in high temperature, toxic, radiation and the site of the human eye that cannot be directly observed the inspection and observation, is mainly used in automobile, aviation engine, pipes, machinery parts, etc., and it can be in the assembly and does not need to remove or destroy equipment stop running conditions to realize nondestructive testing, widely used in aviation, automobile, shipbuilding, electrical, chemical, electric power, gas, atomic energy, civil construction and other modern core industrial departments.endoscope can also be coupled with camera, video camera or electronic computer, making up to the photo, camera and image processing system, and thus for the field of target monitoring, recording, storage and image analysis.endoscope, in general, it’s very convenient and reliable.With the constantly developing of science and technology, endoscope can be applied to every big domain.

Electronic endoscope is a new high-tech product designed and product from all kinds of the detection requirements of the pipe inner surface likethe petrochemical industry, industrial machinery, electrical and electronic industry, aerospace and so forth. It combines optical, mechanical and electrical, image processing software and integration. endoscope tester equipped with high resolution color monitor and more clearimages, making the operator using the high clear color CCD.The suspects and testing part of the observed by means of the unique professional software processing system, freezing, amplification, analysis, measurement, report printing and greatly improve the accuracy of judgment pipeline inwall defect detection.

Itsuse is convenient and reliable. pipes, such as turbine condenser tube, pump, boiler, heat exchanger, valve, pressure vessels and other important equipment for defect detection, condition monitoring, inspection and maintenance are required. Besides,nuclear power, wind power plants, hydropower plant, thermal power plant and electric power construction unit equipment testing are indispensable.
Turbine overhaul
Turbine cleaning, the blades and the nozzle/nozzle blocking check, back off parts, pipeline corrosion status of inside and outside, main steam piping, water heater, condenser, wind turbines, wind Ye Yunhang state, refining/oil lines and seal system, the check valve base, the turbine/generator, generator, generator stator inspected, plasma sheet.
The customs
Weapons used to check the mechanical wear, loose, oil leakage, gear parts inside barrel.Safety inspection for the customs department check the hiding * du, and * zou private goods.Video endoscope in weapons manufacturing, daily maintenance, security, customs inspection, search and rescue, detection has been applied in life.Unexpected events of the rescue detection used in earthquake rescue, search, explosion-proof inspection.
The aerospace industry
Railway, large Marine diesel engines, all kinds of engine and routine maintenance and inspection of pipeline.Used in aircraft turbines, leaf, engine, weld surface, tube surface, combustion chamber internal check or the body check regularly, and rocket engine research and development, manufacturing.
Petroleum chemical industry
Don't need to remove the checked in the process of testing equipment, so it is very cost-effective test solutions.Especially in the oil refinery storage tanks, heat exchangers, spherical tank, chemical industry pipeline facilities, special survey and the pressure vessel production unit by containers, cylinders, the internal defects such as pipeline detection.
Borescope endoscope singapore brands
Automobile manufacturing, and transportation
In terms of automobile engine cleaning, maintenance, endoscope is also indispensable everyday. At the same time, its operation is simple, flexible, small and easy to carry, soft, thin, flexible insert tube can reach need to check for any hidden place.
Automotive endoscope has been widely used in automotive industry production and maintenance, mainly used in detection diagnosis of automobile engines, cylinder, hydraulic parts, fuel pipes, engine, muffler, transmission, differential, tanks, tank and air conditioning system, gear box, wear of carbon deposit, plug, etc, thus can improve the working efficiency, reduce the cost of repair, and avoid the damage to parts caused by repeatedly disassembling.
Locomotive, engineering, pharmacy, food pipe
Railway/vessels used to check electric locomotive, turbine, heater, air conditioning system, diesel engine, the flame boiler, pipe inspection.Construction engineering is used to examine the steel corrosion, and dirt, walls and other internal diagnosis, the status of the steel bar rusting, supporting axis, the crack of bridge joint, etc., can also be used to empty the inside of the tunnel, the building model of observation: Tap water drain pipe corrosion and clogging diagnoses.Research institutes for research institutions, scientific research, laboratory of observation, archaeology, etc.
Mechanical casting industry
Casting for auto parts, hydraulic pressure casting, pump body, valve casting, mechanical parts, casting, line pipe casting unit, used to examine the casting sand situation, burr and cross hole conditions such as quality control.
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