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What is Waterproof Inspection Camera

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With the electronics and industrial products processing capacity to improve the level of waterproof inspection camera, to a certain extent, it also determines whether the endoscopic products manufacturers have a certain quality. QBH inspection camera, most of its waterproof rating reached IP67, its quality is good, can detect any human eye can’t see the place. Some products also have cleaning function. With IP67 waterproof function, inspection camera products to deep into the water 1M to maintain a period of exploration, the effect is particularly good.

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So, what is the concept of  IP67 rating waterproof inspection camera?

First of all, we need the county to know what the two numbers of protection levels mean respectively. Degree of protection the first number has 0-6, which means are as followed:

0 no protection;

1 anti-50mm diameter or even more solid objects or 50mm diameter solid particles can’t penetrate completely;

2 anti-12.5mm in diameter even larger particles of solid objects or 12.5mm diameter solid particles can’t be fully penetrated;

3 anti-diameter 2.5mm or more solid particulate matter tip or 2.5mm;

4 anti-diameter 1mm or more solid Particulate matter tip or 1mm diameter solid particles can’t penetrate at all;

5 dust protection: does not completely prevent the dust from entering, but will not prevent the normal operation of the instrument and reduce the degree of safety of solid particles of diameter can’t penetrate completely;

6 Dust confinement: dust can’t enter the entire diameter of the object can’t exceed the gap.


The second number of protection grade 0-8, which means are as follows:

0 no protection;

1 anti-vertical drop of water droplets;

2 when the shell tilt up to 15 ° anti-vertical drop of water droplets;

3 waterproof fog;

4 water repellent ;

5 water spray;

6 anti-strong water spray;

7 short-term immersion;

8 anti-continuous soaking.


Therefore, IP67 rating waterproof inspection camera rating that is short-term water 1M deep immersion and can inhibit the function of dust. Waterproof inspection camera grade reaches IP67, overall, the effect is good. Welcome to learn more and order our products.

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