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What is video borescope inspection camera

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Video borescope inspection camera is a inspection tool with video recording function and photos taking when using its inspection camera to see inside a hole or a pipe line.it is a certain kind of borescope, and has many basic function and structure of its inside components.
Being different from an endoscope, video borescope inspection camera is mainly used in industrial field or people’s daily life inspection job. As we know endoscope usually used in medical inspecting purpose to find out the exact sick spot inside people’s body or animal’s body. For example, use a throat endoscope to check a horse’s teeth health condition.

video borescope inspection camera
A video borescope inspection camera can be designed with wireless function to support its display screen be far away but now very far working to show the captured images. Such kind of borescope also is widely used in many car service station, over there technicians can use it to check inside engine to see whether its injector or gear damaged, or whether there is any carbon deposition situation.
Video borescope inspection camera also support to output the video or image to a computer or a bigger display screen for other people following the image catching or review the record to analysis and discussion for later of a confusion part inside a dark and hidden machine or other similar things.
Video borescope inspection camera is now very popular with many different NDT, with this kind of tool, people can see inside engine without detach it, also people can check inside a pipe line to find blockage or corrosion, or to see inside building crash in civil engineering repair program. It is convenient and helpful for people to do inspection jobs in their daily work.
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