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video inspection tool

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video inspection is so-called for a borescope with video recording function and displaying on its screen, there are many similar name with such function,for example videoscope or video inspection camera. It is widely seen in many field in recent years. Such as to used in car service station or used in a production line to detection its machine condition.

 A video inspector can do great jobs in a inspecting of inside spaces, with its ridgid inspection camera or snake tube camera.it can reach conveniently into an engine inside or a under pavement pipe,as long as you want it to get. It helps to capture image of the dark inside or record a view video for operator to do the next job,it helps a lot to cut down the costs and time spending for people to detect a thing to find out where the problem is.
 The most important part of a video borescope inspection camera is the video recording and display later, that makes the video inspection available for people. The video inspecting work is different from the insistent inspecting, if a inspection scope can not support video recording when it is using, it is so-called endoscope. This is one kind of inspection camera,it is more popular with medical applications. A video inspecting tool is designed for the later analysis of a viewing situation or for just for showing to people who want to view the work done.
 A video inspection camera also can be called digital borescope, they have most core parts the same designed,even they are sometimes the same. The main reference to divide which name it should be called is their target use, if a condition needs most of its function are video display later, it is videoscope.
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