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What is Automotive Inspection Camera?

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Pistons and spark plugs carbon check
You must have heard of the "automotive inspection camera" it, this is a car repair, maintenance artifact. Mainly used for testing the diagnosis of car engines, greatly reducing the repair time and costs, but also to avoid the damage caused by repeated disassembly of the parts. In the car engine cleaning and maintenance can also greatly demonstrate its positive role.
Automotive endoscopy is actually a kind of industrial endoscope, the basic principle is the use of optical means through the small hole will be sealed inside the body condition, and then the optical image evaluation, detection and diagnosis.
Automotive Inspection Camera
For example, if the car engine fails, the traditional diagnostic method is based on experience, by voice to determine the cylinder problems and specific in which cylinder, you need to "disintegrate" to determine "Specific causes." However, if you use the car endoscope, through the spark plug hole or nozzle, you can visually observe the inside, understand the specific location of the fault.
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Vehicles in the daily operation there will always be some problems, such as engine shudder, flameout, higher fuel consumption, in these cases owners can use the endoscope to check the car interior.
The advantages of automotive inspection camera
1. Easy to operate, flexible, compact and easy to carry, soft, small, flexible insertion tube can be reached to check any concealed parts;
2. Intuitive and accurate and easy to operate, and early detection of internal parts of the damage, which will greatly help to exclude potential safety hazard in the bud stage;
3.The instrument itself is small, portable, mobility can be very good to reduce the intensity of work, improve work efficiency;
4. Reduce the cost of repairs, while avoiding the damage caused by repeated disassembly of the parts.

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I summarize for everyone about where automotive inspection camera can be used.
Auto parts testing
With the automotive inspection camera can regularly check the internal parts of car parts such as cracks or pigmentation, the measured hole bending, the smallest diameter 4MM, ordinary testing can’t be directly observed.

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Exhaust pipe wall
Exhaust pipe can not be seen without automotive inspection camera, through the inspection camera can clearly see the exhaust pipe wall there is a welding loophole.


In accordance with the traditional method of detecting carbon deposition, then only "disintegrate" car engine or observe the feedback voltage changes, the most important thing is to go to a professional repair shop inspection. Through the automotive inspection camera can independently check the car engine, timely detection of car failure.

Automotive casting parts testing
Automotive inspection camera applied to the inspection of castings, mainly used to check the internal impurities and trachoma products.
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