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What is Borescope Camera

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Borescope camera can be used for high temperature, toxic, nuclear radiation and the human eye that can’t directly observe the place of inspection and observation, mainly for automotive, aircraft engines, pipes, machinery parts, etc., without dismantling or destroying the assembly and equipment Stop running without damage detection, and can also be used for ventilation pipes, air conditioning pipes, water pipes, industrial pipes within the weld, corrosion, blockage, differences, foreign objects such as video detection.
The Borescope camera is generally composed of a controller, a lifting platform, a camera, a cable, a crawler and an illumination. The remote control elevating platform adjusts the height of the camera. The crawler can cross the obstacle and turn freely. The remote clutch can release the wheel and retract the crawler. Configurable non-blind zone rotating lens or axial fixed color lens, the camera and record the status of the pipeline, and can carry other testing devices to detect the interior of the pipeline.
 What is Borescope Camera
Borescope camera applications:  
1. Steel equipment maintenance, but also for the quality inspection of pipe products.  
2. Industrial machinery inspection, boilers, heat exchangers; machinery and equipment and manufacturing equipment.  
3. Electronic, electrical machinery industry movement inspection, parts inspection, and research and development.  
4. Car inspection engine, hydraulic components, nozzle part of the quality inspection and assembly testing.  
5. Railway, ship inspection turbine, heater, diesel engine, boiler flame, pipeline inspection.  
Petrochemical technology configuration pipeline, pressure vessels, boilers, heat exchangers and other equipment inspection.

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