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What is Borescope Inspection Camera?

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Borescope inspection camera is a new type of viewing skill that follows the advancement of science and the change of human needs. Now industrial electronic borescope is widely used in all walks of life, from car maintenance, aviation check to the professional chemistry, fine instrument view are widely used.
For domestic urgent needs of industrial borescope, QBH introduced two professional industrial electronic borescope, light, machine, electricity, picture processing software and integration, and can be equipped with high-definition colorful monitor so with more convenient , The survey picture more clearly, so that operators use high-definition clear colorful CCD, the suspects and flaw detection parts with a unique professional software processing system, freezing, amplification, analysis, measurement, print statements, a great deal of progress to identify various Instrument wall accuracy of the test site.
Pipeline electronic borescope can be used in high temperature, high radiation, toxic and other harsh environments, in the working environment -10C ° ~ 50C ° under normal use. The lens shell 304 stainless steel selection, diameter 30mm - 200mm. GRP rigid push-resistant wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, cable length can be customized according to user needs in the pipeline to view the general environment are dark, lack of light, in order to deal with this issue, QBH industrial pipe electronic borescope probe High brightness multi-group LED lighting source, and the use of high-resolution LCD monitor real-time investigation of internal conditions, clear images, simple operation, useful exploration interval is long, wide range of applications, and can be connected with the phone to complete the storage strengths.
Borescope inspection camera is suitable for viewing fine objects. For example, the foundry industry can be used to view the internal burr condition, easy quality control can also be used to view diesel engines, engines and other components. The unique configuration of the straight borescope does not obscure the distortion of the observed picture, but it gives a clear and realistic picture.
 What is Borescope Inspection Camera
Borescope inspection camera has the following characteristics:
● Rugged: Industrial electronic borescope cables and mirrors are made of metal. Select the use of scratch-resistant glass camera anti-oil, fine mold injection molding, and some parts made of stainless steel casting pressure molding, to ensure durable goods, waterproof, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, improved durability in harsh environments.
● Advanced skills: industrial electronic borescope selection of the latest transistor CCD camera and high-brightness LED light source skills, video drawing bright, clear picture shows, color and vivid, high resolution.
● Simple operation: with an external rechargeable battery, portable high-definition colorful LCD display, greatly facilitate the long-term use of the wild, and can be equipped with a dedicated video capture card for real-time capture, a key can be completed. It can be connected to the monitor or the display, real-time high-definition view of the picture.
● Strong liquid resistance: From the remote probe to the handle, the industrial electronic borescope has strong water resistance, and resistance to mineral deposits, the composition of lubricants, aviation fuel, fuel oil, gasoline and diesel are excellent.
● Economical and practical: industrial electronic borescope is t-effective and value for money. Whether the price is still the performance of the section, it is highly competitive in the market, which is your first choice for pipeline video viewing and fine instrument view.

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