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What is Engine Borescope

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Engine borescope play an increasingly important role in the maintenance of automobiles. Engine cylinder is likely to produce coke, coke is the product of chemical reaction of oil at high temperatures, as long as the car is running, the engine cylinder will produce metabolites. Once accumulate to a certain extent, do not clean up, it will seriously shorten the life of the engine, and even lead to accidents. This time engine borescope for the clean-up of coke has provided a great help.
Coke can reduce the car engine power, increase fuel consumption, when the cylinder head has coke, will reduce the cooling effect of the engine; if the valve is coke, will cause the valve closed lax and leak, there engine start difficult , Poor work and easy valve ablation and other undesirable phenomena; serious coke can cause engine knock, accelerate the abnormal sound, and may eventually lead to the engine burning oil and need overhaul situation. 
Engine borescope is the use of electronic optical technology and precision machinery combined with a new nondestructive testing equipment. Currently used in the automotive overhaul market endoscope is introduced for the characteristics of the industry, the engine endoscope tube diameter, hardness appropriate, you can easily see the engine and other parts of the internal real-time display of the engine cylinder coke and other conditions and record it. As a result, the owner through the engine borescope observation contrast, can clearly see the engine coke cleaning effect, more convincing, enhance customer satisfaction.
Of course, the engine borescope is not only used to observe the internal condition of the engine, but also to observe whether the engine block is cracked, the internal condition of the transmission, and the water tank and something where eyes can’t see. Can intuitively see the car problems, I believe it will make your fault detection more convenient, more intuitive to check out the internal problems within the engine, greatly reducing maintenance costs and time. The advantages of engine borescope are therefore obvious. 

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