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What is Flexible Borescope

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QBH flexible borescope is a professional fault detection equipment that is widely used in industrial equipment testing and pipeline testing to help us improve the detection efficiency and accuracy of modern industry. We can achieve efficient and accurate inspections by using flexible borescope. We use this device at the same time can also use this device classification to help us achieve different results. Depending on the material type of equipment, we can divide the equipment into QBH flexible borescope and rigid borescope which can help monitor services in multiple areas. What are the advantages of using flexible borescope?
What is Flexible Borescope
Industrial flexible borescope is a combination of optics, electronics and precision mechanics that helps to achieve efficient non-destructive testing services. The device uses unlimited transmission and microscopic camera technology in one, improving the overall detection efficiency. flexible borescope in the use of performance is more prominent, you can achieve probe bending, can be detected in the pipeline. The device is designed to be used in the human eye can not be observed under toxic, harmful and other adverse conditions were observed.
Flexible borescope is very light, you can use the device in a variety of different occasions. It can amplify the video signal processing results displayed on the monitor, allowing us to receive signals and observe the picture. The flexible borescope is easy carry that can makes it easy to inspect a variety of machines, equipment, and internal parts, and we can achieve efficient nondestructive testing without the need to disassemble or destroy the assembly. Flexible borescope with high resolution, clear images and other features to help users improve the efficiency of detection.

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