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What is Rigid Borescope

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Rigid borescope used to detect precision seamless steel tubes. It is a high-precision steel tube . At present, the rigid borescope has been widely used in: automotive, motorcycle, electric power, machinery, hydraulic fittings, bearings, pneumatic components, fuel tanks, coal mines, transportation, boiler equipment, pipes, engineering and other fields. With the increasing demand for the quality of seamless steel pipe, precision nondestructive testing has also become an indispensable part of seamless steel pipe production, quality inspection, factory testing, acceptance.
What is Rigid Borescope 
Recently a seamless steel pipe manufacturer for the production of a batch of seamless steel tubes, ultrasonic testing and found no defects, the results of the customer acceptance, found the defects of seamless steel tubes, leading to the customer refused to accept the goods. The steel pipe manufacturers to ultrasonic testing of "qualified" products using rigid borescope, will find the tiny "spot." After sawing the seamless pipe, it was found that these tiny "flare" was the concave part of the seamless pipe. So the ultrasonic testing of seamless steel pipe is not absolutely accurate.
It is because of the limitations of ultrasonic testing of steel pipe, the current seamless steel pipe testing began with other non-destructive testing program. The rigid borescope is an important nondestructive testing tool that detects undetectable ultrasound. Therefore, the combination of rigid borescope and ultrasonic testing, has become the most important non-destructive testing of steel pipe. 
The use of rigid borescope seamless steel pipe is the rigid borescope lens tube directly into the seamless steel pipe, intuitive and accurate detection of seamless steel pipe internal surface quality, such as cracks, slag, depression, leakage, etc. Similar aspects of the defect, the seamless steel pipe testing accurate and fast. Therefore rigid borescope becomes an indispensable tool for seamless steel pipe testing.
In general, the current seamless steel pipe testing become a seamless steel pipe production, quality inspection, factory inspection, acceptance and other important parts, and rigid borescope can reduce the loss of raw materials in the manufacturing stage of the product to reduce customer returns brought The cost of loss, to extend product life cycle, in many ways of great significance.
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