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What is Snake Tube

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The snake tube is a popular name for stereotyped metal hoses and non-stereotyped metal hoses. Because of its appearance and shape similar to a "snake," it is simply called a snake tube.
Sake tube has lots of functions. Its main function is to ensure the safety protection of electrical wiring s, prevention electrical wiring from mouse bite, and the protection of chemical material being under corrosion. At the same time, snake tube can protect the cable or pipe bending, thermal or chemical corrosion, which can Effective shield the electromagnetic wave. In addition, snake tube can help industrial endoscopy pipeline detection, so as to enable us to see what we can't see directly with our eyes from the pipeline.
The main applications of snake tube are: snake tube on the desk lamp, protecting circuits snake tube, optical fiber protection snake tube, endoscopic snake tube l, and so on.


The general use of metal snake pipe material stainless steel, galvanized steel, wire. The surface is generally electrolytic polishing, chrome, nickel and other treatment.
Our company, QBH, is a manufacturer of snake tubes. The tubes produced are highly flexible, flexible, bendable and exceptionally good quality. They can be tailored to the endoscope brand. The length of the serpentine tubes varies from 0.75m at the company's smallest to as high as 1M. With the production and presence of serpentine tubes, our endoscopes make better use of their probing capabilities. By pipelining a pipe or a smaller hole and looking at the display of the endoscope, you can observe the environmental conditions in the pipe or in the hole. For example, it can be used in areas not directly visible to the naked eye such as car engines, fuel tanks, braking systems, etc. Our company's coils are very easy to use and greatly help marketing the company's endoscope products.
If you are interested in our company's snake tube, you can log in our official website qbhscope.en.alibaba.com. If you have any questions and inquiries, you can communicate with our salesman, thank you.

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