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What is usb inspection camera?

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usb inspection camera is one kind of simple structure borescope, it is a snake tube camera with one camera in one end, and a USB connector of the other end. This kind of inspection camera mostly will be used with a smart phone or a tablet, usually it is much cost less than other borescope camera.
 Which devices can be used with a usb camera?

What is usb inspection camera?
 The most use of usb borescope camera is with a smart phone, because usb slot is necessary for a mobile phone nowadays. To increase the use frequency of a such camera,also to make it to be used in DIY jobs with other, the usb end make it available. When connecting with a phone, one can take photos or record videos by operation on their phone,and the inspection cameras are just like a lengthened camera,which support to change its viewing direction or penetrating a hole.Other usages are also based on its USB connector, for example, to connect it with computer or Ipad.
 When a usb inpection camera connecting with a display device, it needs to install a certain driver to support the whole function working, the driver allows the software working smoothly,especially for such camera to connect with different style devices. Usually, when you buy a usb borescope camera, there must be a CD which you can get the driver or other software to make your camera available for pictures.
 LED light is also an important part of a usb inspection camera, like other snake camera, there are some LED lights to change the brightness when view in dark hole or almost closed room. With the adjustable brightness controller, people can do the clearly inspection by changing the LED brightness of the camera end.

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