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What is WIFI smart phone inspection camera

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WIFI smart phone inspection camera, also known as WIFI industrial borescope, wireless borescope, which is through WIFI micro-camera to capture images and images real-time transmission to the phone's high-tech products, which allows users to truly get anywhere Wireless transmission of image data to reduce equipment connection problems. Can take pictures, video, playback, real-time sharing and other functions.
What is WIFI smart phone inspection camera

WIFI smart phone inspection camera can be widely used in the following areas:
Automotive: used to check the engine, hydraulic components, nozzle part of the quality inspection and assembly testing.
Medical: for oral examination, facial examination.
Industrial machinery: for inspection, boilers, heat exchangers; machinery and equipment and manufacturing equipment
Petrochemical: for the oil pipeline, pressure vessels, boilers, heat exchangers and other equipment inspection.
Electronic and Electrical Industries: Used for checking mechanical movements. Parts inspection and research and development areas.
Gas: help to check whether the gas pipe rust, corrosion and water, exhaust nozzle with or without injury and so on.
Aerospace: for the turbine, leaves, the chamber of the regular inspection or body checks, and rocket engine research and development, manufacturing.
Steel: In addition to equipment maintenance and product quality inspection.
Construction: Used to check the internal corrosion of steel pipes and dirt, walls and other internal diagnosis, steel rust conditions, cracks in bridge joints, etc., can also be used for the tunnel inside the cavity, the observation of the building model.
Pipeline: Used to check the drain, sewer, sewer corrosion and blockage diagnosis.
Electricity: Used for inspection and maintenance of various types of heat exchangers, pipelines, turbines, etc. in nuclear power stations, fire stations and hydropower stations.
WIFI smart phone inspection camera in addition to the above scenes, you can also use other narrow, people's eyes hard-to-reach places.

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