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WIFI Inspection Camera

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Wireless inspection camera Features:Real-time recording, high-definition color screen, light weight, hand-held design, flexible and convenient use;
QBH AV 7810 product-WIFI inspection camera
3.5-inch display with a resolution of 640 * 480, built-in rechargeable lithium battery;
Support multiple languages, easy to operate;
Monitor has video, camera function;
Mini 10mm waterproof lens, 1 m flexible extension tube, easy to check some difficult to reach the area;
Probes and hoses with waterproof design: Waterproof - IP67;
SD card storage: video surveillance video, SD card can be expanded to 32GB;
Wired and wireless video transmission capabilities: Monitor supports wireless audio and video transmission;

With 2-6 high-brightness LED lights, you can have high-definition video even in low-lightconditions.
Flexible Hose: Flexible hose, flexible, adjustable angle, still can be restored to its original state.
3 Practical Accessories: Check side mirrors, hooks and magnets.
WIFI Inspection Camera
Wireless Inspection Camera Applications:
Military and police, anti-terrorism, rescue dedicated portable wireless video endoscopes for pipeline detection, narrow area detection, drug detection, bomber search or rubble in the search after a disaster.
Wireless industrial video inspection camera technical parameters:
Wireless Inspection Camera Camera
Lens size: 3.9mm / 5.5mm / 9.0mm optional
Effective Pixels: 100,000 / 450,000 / 390,000 Horizontal Viewing Angle: 60-80 degrees Transmission Frequency: 2.4GHz
Power supply: 4 AA batteries Waterproof: IP67 (near the camera section)
Display Size: 3.5 "TFT-LCD Video format: PAL / NTSC
Charging time: 3 hours working time: 4-6 hours 
QBH is a famous manufacturer of wireless inspection camera at home and abroad. If you are interested in it, welcome to know more and order it.

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