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What is a wireless inspection scope?

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wireless inspection scope is mainly divided for its display part being separate from its inspection camera. This is one type video inspector which can be totally separate from each other, it is a gathering the function of videoscope and wifi inspection camera. With those two objects’ functions, it has great amount of market as an inspection tool.

A video borescope inspection camera has the main function of video recording, which allow a later reviewing of a certain situation,it is a developed snake camera, which widely used in industrial production and car care services in car service station. This type of video inspector now is popular with different countries,and different field.
What is a wireless inspection scope?
A Wifi inspection camera is special for its wifi function,which support a smart phone or tablet to connect and work. This kind of inspection scope usually do not have its own display part,which means its main part is a wifi emitter to transmission signals from the camera head. This type of inspection cameras usually popular with developed country. Partly because its price is not cheap enough for people have it casually, partly because its import limitation of wifi item to a undeveloped country.
Wireless inspection scope has both the above features, it support to do the job of taking videos and storage, it also support to a wireless transmission of captured signal. When people use it to detect an engine or a pipe line in a production factory, it helps a lot for people to cooperate and quickly to find out the damage part and then repair. 

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